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Deleum Primera is principally involved in providing services in integrated corrosion, inspection and mitigation primarily using Sponge-Jet products for the oil and gas industry, expanding the business and service offered in Integrated Corrosion Solutions (ICS) segment; providing composite repair integrity for pipeline and structure for oil and gas as well as general industries.


The company have a vast experience in Oil and Gas Sector especially in ICS business where surface preparation work, corrosion protection and prevention application and Fire proofing and shielding, cold and hot insulation, and also structure, equipment and pipeline integrity maintenance are company major core services and solution. Deleum Primera is the sole distributor of Sponge-Jet products on surface preparation works for the Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Turkmenistan and Iraq market. In addition to Sponge-Jet, Deleum Primera has also ventured in the ENECON corrosion protection technology.



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