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Deleum’s Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) segment oversees the servicing, repair and maintenance of motors, generators, transformers, pumps, valves and provides composite repair integrity for pipeline and structure for oil and gas as well as general industries.


Deleum is focused on delivering improved performance, maintaining high reliability and availability of rotating equipment installed at customers’ asset base, both onshore and offshore.


We are geared towards working closely with our customers in establishing a performance baseline to support our customers in optimising equipment availability, developing improvement programmes to increase productivity and to reduce downtime.


At Deleum, we are able to achieve these critical success factors with a complete MRO facility / service centre at our Deleum Rotary Services Kajang office and are supported by highly skilled, experienced and trained personnel to execute both workshop activities as well as field works. Our facility and personnel are certified by the International Electrotechnical Commission Explosive (IECEX). We are also the authorised service centre for various Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to support their before and after market service activities.


In October 2012, Deleum, had acquired a 60% equity interest in Northern Primera Sdn. Bhd., now known as Deleum Primera Sdn.Bhd. (Deleum Primera) via its wholly- owned subsidiary, Deleum Services Sdn. Bhd., to further expand the business and service offered by MRO segment. Deleum Primera is principally involved in providing services in integrated corrosion, inspection and mitigation primarily using Sponge-Jet products for the oil and gas industry. Deleum Primera is the sole distributor of Sponge-Jet products on surface preparation works for the Malaysia and Indonesia market.


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