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Heat Induction Paint Removal

Rust and Paint Removal Technology, a paint and coatings removal technology by controlled induction heating. It has developed a proven and reliable method for effective removal of coatings on steel, based on a patented induction technology. It removes most types of coatings, from thick rubber, ebonite, glass-fibre, PFP's and epoxy system to traditional paint system. Areas of use is on decks, gangways, water tanks, helicopter-decks, in fire protected areas and many more. It removes coatings with thickness up t0 20-25 mm and the minimum metal thickness is approximately 5mm. 

Conventional Method-Typically, coatings is removed by sand blasting or High-Pressure Water Jet (UHP) which will involve complete isolation of the sections being treated and the removal of sand, sediment and water requires a lot of time, cost and resources. These systems also require several exceptional safety measures with respect to contamination to water and protection against noise and dust in the air.

Heat Induction Paint Removal are  :

  • Ideal for removing paint and coatings
  • Health and environment friendly - removed entire coating without disintegrating and completely free from contaminating agents
  • Make disposal and recycling of waste easier and cheaper
  • Maximum power consumption