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Environmental / Protecting & Preserving Environment

Our commitment

Our commitment to environmental sustainability starts at home. As an organisation, we understand that the long-term well being of society and our colleagues, and the continuing success of our own business depend on our commitment to a sustainable environment. We recognize the potential adverse impacts of human activities on ecosystems, including climate change, resource depletion, and environmental degradation. We proactively work to prevent and manage these impacts across our operations, supply chains, and business activities.

Climate Change

We believe that climate change risks should be addressed while also meeting the growing demand for affordable and secure energy. We recognise the physical, transitional and legal / reputational risks pose by climate change that can have material impacts on returns and long-term value to our business. 

Our aspiration is to deliver value for our shareholders, customers and wider society, and integrates its long-standing commitment to contribute to sustainable development through a climate change resiliency and environmentally aligned to our business model. By upholding our commitment towards reducing the impact of climate change, we developed and implemented the Sustainability Policy, Environmental Policy and Climate Change Policy.

Towards Carbon Neutrality by 2050

In our commitment to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, we have established targets for reducing carbon or GHG emissions, using the baseline year of 2019.
We remain committed to continuously adopting the best practices to progressively reduce emissions across business operations. We comply with the basis of calculation as prescribed by GHG Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard (“GHG Protocol”) and Energy Commission’s Natural Energy Balance 2016 as well as Bursa Malaysia's Sustainability Reporting Guide, Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).


To the best of its knowledge, Deleum does not operate in locations or locations adjacent to sites deemed to be high in biodiversity value, or sites which contain flora and fauna species deemed to be on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (“IUCN”) Red List. The Group will continue to monitor the environmental impact of its business presence and operations and is committed towards maintaining net positive or at least neutral biodiversity impact.

Deleum aspires to explore possibilities working with non-governmental organisations (“NGOs”) and other bodies towards providing support for their environmental related activities.
  • Mangrove Seeding by our employees

    Mangrove Seeding by our employees

  • Mangrove Planting by our employees

    Mangrove Planting by our employees

  • Mangrove Planting by our employees

    Mangrove Planting by our employees

    Pollution & Resources Uses

    We committed to sustainable environmental protection, minimising the potential pollution impact on the environment and to protect the environment by prevention of pollution, reduction of waste and water, and minimisation of consumption resources.

    The undertaken initiatives that emphasise our roles and responsibilities to fight climate change, conserve and promote the efficient use of natural resources and to protect the ecosystem, as summarised below: