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At Deleum, we offer Solar Turbines gas turbines ranging from 1 to 23 MW and gas compressors for both pipeline and production.

The gas turbines packages available are:

  • Gas Turbine Generator packages
  • Gas Turbine Compressor and Mechanical Drive packages for gas compression, transmission and pump application

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At Deleum, we offer Heatric PCHE with unique manufacturing and know-how to achieve high integrity, inherent safety, game changing size reduction and world leading performance.

  • Compact and lighter than equivalent shell and tube exchanger
  • Pressure capability above 600 bars
  • High thermal effectiveness of exceeding 98% in a single unit
  • Extreme temperature capability, from cryogenic to 900°C
  • Able to cope with large temperature differentials between fluids and rapid temperature change
  • Robust construction improves safety in hazardous environment
  • Multiple process streams can be incorporated into single unit
  • High integrity – non gasket construction,
  • Special materials of construction possible, depending on application

Learn more about Heatric PCHE here.

As part of combustion, process and thermal engineering solutions, Deleum is able to offer a comprehensive range of equipment and services including design, engineering, project management, fabrication, installation, commissioning and service.

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