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Social/Helping People

Deleum places equal emphasis on social and environmental concerns. As a responsible employer in the oil and gas sector, our primary social impact is on our employees, casual workers, customers, principal, business partners, suppliers and the local communities in where we operate in.

We are committed to helping people to do well and fulfil their healthy and safe lives and forge a mutually respectful dedicated to inclusion, equality, integrity, and human dignity. Our beliefs are grounded on reciprocated respect, support and upholding fundamental human rights of people in which we operate.

Talent Building & Management

Our people are key pillars of the Group, as their efforts ensure that we strive to retain our position in oil and gas/ energy industry. To cultivate a high-performance culture, we equip our employees with essential tools and training to facilitate their growth and development.

Workplace Health & Safety

Health and safety are a collective responsibility to the Group as we place strong emphasis in setting a high standard of practices to inculcate a safety culture in our operations.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Deleum strives to nurture an open, efficient and inclusive workplace enabling our employee to be the best version of themselves. We are also committed to gender pay parity and equal employment, and ensuring our workplace is free from any form of harassment.

Training & Development

We support career progression via continuous learning programmes which include technical competencies and professional education.

Community Outreach

Deleum continues to support a range of societal causes as part of the Group’s approach in creating positive community impacts as a responsible corporate citizen. We firmly believe in giving back to the community and managing our social footprint in the areas we operate.
  • Making a difference in the community

    Making a difference in the community

  • Mock cheque presentation to MyKasih

    Mock cheque presentation to MyKasih

  • Making a difference in the community

    Making a difference in the community