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SPONGE-JET is the world’s leader of clean, dry, low dust, re-useable surface preparation media and equipment.

DPSB is the sole distributor of Sponge-Jet technology for surface preparation works in Malaysia, Indonesia,  Singapore, Brunei, Turkmenistan and Iraq. Sponge-Jet is an alternative green blasting technology, increasing  efficiency and productivity when blasting jobs are undertaken.

This technology is environmentally friendly, with low dust emission and most importantly has no silica content that will affect the user or the environment. General corrosion projects, production-oriented facilities, unique substrates or challenging safety environments can benefit from the clean, dry non-invasive capabilities of sponge blasting.

The elimination of damaging ricochet in addition to achieving near perfect operator visibility, up to 80% waste reduction and >90% hazardous dust reduction – can yield savings in nearly every aspect of a project.

Sponge-Jet is considered by many to be the best choice in low dust blasting or dustless blasting compared to the conventional blasting method such as grit blasting that can produce high level of noise, produces a lot of dust and may damage equipment’s, environment as well as health.


  • Extends Coating Life
  • Increases Profits and Production
  • Used by Fortune 100 Manufacturers
  • Specified in over 100 Refineries Worldwide
  • Reusable Material - 90% Lower Disposal Cost
  • OSHA - Recognised for low Toxicity
  • Safer for Operators
  • Up to 20x Faster than Power Tools
  • Enhanced Visibility
  • Replaces Multiple Blasting Systems
  • Versatile - Works on all Substrates
  • Eliminates Harmful Rebound
  • Specified by Governments Around the World
  • Specified by Governments Around the World
  • Environmentally Engineered for Less Fugitive Emissions